Welcome to the new Online Home for Rockland Democrats!
Welcome to the new Online Home for Rockland Democrats!

Welcome to the new Online Home for Rockland Democrats!

A Personal Message from Schenley Vital, Chair of the Democratic Party

Hello, Rockland County! I am Schenley Vital, a proud father of two, and I feel privileged to serve as the Chair of the Democratic Party.

As we approach an important moment in our county with the upcoming local elections in November 2023, I can’t stress enough how crucial it is for all of us as Democrats to come together and make our voices heard through our votes for our candidates.

The Power of Your Vote

As a father, I understand how deeply local issues affect our families and neighborhoods. The decisions made by our elected officials directly impact our children’s education, the safety of our streets, and the overall well-being of our loved ones.

Why Vote for Local Candidates

We’re grateful that long-time residents, parents, and contributors to our community who have stepped up to run – moms like Monica Ferguson and dads like Justin Sweet in Clarkstown.

These candidates understand the unique challenges we face in Rockland County, and they are committed to addressing them with empathy and dedication.

Empowering the Voice of the People

In a democracy, every single vote matters, and it’s essential we end the year strong to get ready for the big national elections in 2024 for the presidency and Congress.

As parents, we have a vested interest in creating a thriving environment for our children to grow, learn, and succeed.

Join the Movement

As we move closer to the fall election, our new website will be a clearing house for diverse voices in our communities. This is our new blog and we’re looking for contributors!

Let’s unite as Rockland County residents, parents, and engaged citizens. Together, we can create positive change through our votes this November and beyond.

Schenley Vital
Chair of the Democratic Party of Rockland County, NY